Dear SAS-Bopal Team,

I would like to share my experience with Shanti Asiatic School-Bopal during last one year.

First of all, we as a parents observed the school environment is very disciplined. During the year we observed the teaching methodology, Curriculum and the engagement activities are as good as to sharpen kids. We experienced the extra activities like Story Telling, Rhyme recitation, show and tell activity, Give and Joy, and many more are so inspiring for my daughter and obvious to all kids. Apart from the regular teaching activity I do appreciate the Aashayein Program for the 100% participation and involvement.

We are happy the way kids are being taken care of by teachers Priya Madam and Pooja Madam, who are really so cooperative and making sure all the children get the equal due attention during the classwork.

Parent's of Shreeja Bhatt

Jr. KG-A

Thank you for organising such a wonderful event (Aashayein ), collectively hard work brings successful results.

Student – Vivaan Sharma,

Father- Sandeep Sharma, Mother - Jyotshana Sharma

I can’t find enough words to express my gratitude to both of you. From a child who spent his early developmental years in lockdown to someone who wore a costume, stood on stage and performed that is a very big achievement for Ayaan. He has come a very long way. None of this would have been possible without your love, encouragement and constant help. “Thank you “from the bottom of my heart for being such fabulous teachers!

SAS is truly lucky to have great teachers. I wish you both the school good luck for all your future activities.

Student – Ayaan Shah,

Father- Mitul Shah, Mother - Ketki Shah

Shanti Asiatic School in South Bopal, Ahmedabad is a memorable place for my daughter Saanvi and us specially pre-primary section. Before Shanti Asiatic, she went to school but she was unable to communicate with others because she was introvert and shy by nature! So obviously as a mom i was worried, confused and scared! But that time her class teacher Priya Ma'am was very helpful,motivating and humble. She spent extra time with her before class time in the school, tried to make her adjust, make her understand and as a result now days she's matured into a confident young girl getting good grades in school and interacting with her class mates. Due to frequent transfer of my husband, we had to shift to another city but we still remember your school and teachers and specially the encouraging class teacher in the form of Priya Maam! We would be forever indebted to the school and it's teachers for transforming our daughter to an extremely confident and disciplined person.

Student- Saanvi

This is a small token of gratitude from Shanaya Doshi - Sr Kg A, to the entire SAS - Sr Kg A Team for what you have done and what you have been for Shanaya in her pre primary phase of learning .

This year was again testing time for everyone, kids moved from their comfort zone (online to offline ) and still we were able to appreciate how much Shanaya looked forward to her sessions with Pratiksha Maam. Because of Shanaya's enjoyment in class, she had 100% attendance in class till diwali post that only 2 absents till now. Teachers have adopted innovative methods of teaching to help kids to grasp and understand the subjects’ concepts easily.

Pratiksha Maam is a caring and committed teacher who puts in great efforts to make the best of students’ potential. Shanaya has enjoyed being taught by Ms.Pratiksha Maam and always shares their positive experiences of classes with me later on.

The little teachings like how we should sit straight / eat with the mouth closed / waiting for your turn to speak will surely go a long way in shaping her personality.

As a working parent , I am heartened to see my kids being guided and nurtured with positive dispositions towards learning.

Proud to share 3 years of pre primary journey (2 years online & 1 year offline) have been superb for shanaya, special thanks to her all 3 favourite teachers Kinnari Maam , Priya Maam & Pratiksha Maam.

Months workshops have also made an effort to reach out to parents and work closely with them to ensure kids get proper learning

They believe in building a strong teacher-parent relationship in our kids' learning journey.

I congratulate SAS Management for having such passionate and dedicated teachers in your team, which I believe, will help prepare students to become responsible individuals.

Please convey my heartfelt thanks to the Pratiksha Maam, Sr Kg A all teachers & Asha Didi for the outstanding work they have done.

All the best

Shalu Doshi

Shanaya's Mother

We Thank you for all that the school management, the teachers and support staff have done for my kid in this Pre-school. I really appreciate all the effort put up by all of you.

During this period, kids learnt a lot and developed nicely overall. In Particular, my ward's writing skills have improved a lot. This school has given education, care and love for kids.

Ravindra Mandal,

Parents of Aarush Mandal (Sr KG - B, Shanti Asiatic School)