play-group 2 years

Play Group

Our Parent-toddler programme will help toddlers prepare for ‘Pre-Schooler’ phase.

This programme is full of fun & learning age appropriate activities to make sure that the attending kids are not intimidated by the idea of school but actually enjoy going to school.

The kids & parents are exposed to activities that are usually in line with activities that are done in school. It’s usually a series of sessions spread over weeks, sometimes months to make sure kids feel confident enough to be able to face preschool without the comfort of having a known face around.


Nursery programme is designed to cater to the learning requirement of children from 3 to 4 years of age. Our curriculum focuses on giving exposure to pre-skills and value based activities.

nursery 3 years
junior-kg 4 years

Junior KG

Junior KG is designed to cater to the holistic-development of children from 4 to 5 years old. We provide our early learners the ideal platform to express themselves freely to be creative and independent thinkers.

Senior KG

Senior KG is designed to prepare kids for formal schooling. Our curious and inquisitive early learners with a better attention span and expression with appropriate emotions are all set to experience, expand and enrich their learning horizon.

senior-kg 5 years